This is Country Music — Brad Paisley (LYRICS!)

This is Country Music -- Brad Paisley (LYRICS!)

Quick and Easy Methods to Making Money Online with Video Marketing – (odd link but someone asked me to put that) An AWESOME new song by Brad Paisley, which he performed on the 44th Annual CMA awards! LYRICS: You’re not supposed to say the word “cancer” in a song. And tellin’ folks Jesus is the answer can rub ’em wrong. It ain’t hip to sing about tractors, trucks, little towns, and mama, yeah that might be true. But this is country music and we do Well you like to drink a cold one on the weekend and get a little loud Do you wanna say I’m sorry or I love ya but you don’t know how? Do you wish somebody had the nerve to tell that stupid boss of yours to shove it next time he yells at you? Well this is country music and we do So turn it on, turn it up, and sing along This is real; this is your life in a song Yeah this is country music. Are you haunted by the echo of your mother on the phone Cryin as she tells you that your brother is not comin home? And if there’s anyone that still has pride and the memory of those that died defending the old red, white, and blue, This is country music and we do So turn it on, turn it up, and sing along This is real; this is your life in a song Just like a road that takes you home Yeah this is right where you belong This is country music This is country music He Stopped Loving Her Today Hello Darling God Bless the USA Amarillo by the Morning Stand By Your Man Mama Tried Take Me Home I Walk the Line Country Boy Can Survive

25 thoughts on “This is Country Music — Brad Paisley (LYRICS!)”

  1. rock and country are so different, each is like poetry, and if you don’t listen to it and understand it, then don’t open your mouth about it. This is a country song, so why is there talk of other music? People need to stop criticizing music and start enjoying it. All music is beautiful in it’s own way.

  2. I love this song, over the years my taste in music has expanded but country music has been a major part in when I grew up. It’s expanded since then but I still love the sound of it.

  3. Country music is diffrent. Its’ artists are sending a message to the people listening. They want you to relate to something more than drugs. Their lyrics mean something. To someone out there. A loss. A broken heart or plain hard time that people go through. True music fans can find that in any genre they listen to. Rock, Pop, Rap and Country. In true music each note should create a story, but it’s your choice to choose what genre nonfiction or fiction

  4. I cant tell if you are trolling or not?
    And the fuck ? Mars is not a rock artist ….not an artist at all
    See you are just a idiot who makes certain songs, or even styles, so stereotype-like…
    Country is a nice genre , but by beeing a redneck that you are, one would think all country fans are just like you…
    For the info… Van Halen is already a historical legend… Please.. go home and remain calm..

  5. I love being open minded about music, I’m not scared of listening to new styles of music. I like country!

  6. Lets not be an idiot. Dont get me wrong brad paisley is an amazing guitarest and singer but you cant recognize any talent in other music besides country? Not all the lyrics are bad at all, take a look at comfortably numb or stairway to heaven theyre probably some of the best written songs ever. If you say van halen has no talent then you have probably never heard them before or never tried to play a guitar, and if hot for teacher isnt memorable I dont Know what is.

  7. when he says your not supposed to say the word cancer in a song that is exactly what he is saying he said cancer

  8. So, by some of you people out there bitching how much you hate metal/rock/whateverthefuck you are creating the cancer that is killing country music. Coming offf as pricks is not making country music look respectable. It makes it look trashy and like a cult. So congrats cancer, you are ruining one of the most treasured genres of music left 😀

  9. people like YOU are why some people refuse to listen to country. You are ruining country music by your attitude. By reading your comment im under the impression that country fans like you are ignorant and stupid and only listen to one genre of music. So congrats, your the cancer. Asswhipe.

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