Old School Chutney Mix

A few favorite chutney songs from the 90s mixed by Selecta Ricky. Includes Artists such as Kanchan, Sundar Popo, Poornima, Ashnie, and more…
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  1. 01.  Kuchh ghar bhar hai. (Something's fishy/not-right)
    02.  This time is not the days of olden times.
    03.  O manager, cutting cane does not pay us well.
    04   Teri-meri jori, pani re pani.
    05.  Chaadar bichaao balamaa. (Spread the bedding, beloved)
    06.  Mere gaao ke saare, chhore daale dole.
    07.  Raajana aave jai, kaisa mai' ham ka.
    08.  Mai tere sone, tu mere piyaar. (I am your golden darling, you are my beloved)
    09.  Everybody's dancing, dancing in the place; Sherry's jumping high-high.
    10.  Kahe kar sa ye mera, naina lagaay ke.
    11.  Ke ghar ke laave manika dhar jhabiya.
    12.  Sab mil sakhiyaa saheli; sab mil chailya re.
    13.  Phulauri bina chatani,  kaise bani. 
    14.  Hari gori anganaa, kaahe sharamaan.
    15.  Ladies and gentleman, listen attentitively.
    16.  I met-up with a girl named Suzie, we bounced-up at a chatni party.
    17.  Tiny- winey, sundar ladki; gusse ke chhoro, baata na toro. 
    18.  Dekho dekho, aayaa koi;  aa'kho' me', samaayaa koi.
    19.  Lagale jab dekha …  voh naache voh gaaye. 
    20.  Guyana is my country, the country I am from.
    21.  Look at how these youngs boys are drinking daaru.
    22.  Take your time and choose your husband.
    23.  Utho do saavariy soorat hamaara;  dil churayaa hai.
    24.  Let me go na raaja;  let go of me, let me go.
    25.  You're falling from a plane girl, you're falling from above.
    26.  Aage naana chale, naani's going behind.
    27.  Maa ka mohabbat mat bhoolana.  (A mother's love, one should never forget.)
    28.  Aaj savaliyaa sasur ghar jaana. [Today, you're going to your in-laws' (creator's) home.] 
    29.  With tears in my eyes, sorrows on my face; I so love a girl with a dimple on her waist.

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