Kid Rock – Po-Dunk [Official Video]

New Single “Po-Dunk” Available Now

Video directed by: Marc Klasfeld
Produced by: Nicole Acacio


Video Rating: / 5

20 thoughts on “Kid Rock – Po-Dunk [Official Video]”

  1. Kid Rock is telling a story about people who live the way they want to live. The attitude is I "don't give a flyin' hillbilly f*ck" if you don't like the way I live. This has nothing to do with racism (if you think it does, stop being ignorant ) or making any kind of political statement.

  2. Always liked Kid.. not fond of this vid, there isn't much point to it other then the sex drugs r&r stigma, … would like to see some updated real life today's issues from him

  3. That was also very nice of Kid not to make the black people in the video where Confederate flags like some of the others were.

  4. This is basically the Gemini to gangster rap, but watch as the same people who call you racist for calling out any bad examples in a Snoop Dog video bitch about the way people are acting in this one.

    I don't really even like Kid Rock, but the bigger message here is great: People need to learn how to mind their own business again and take care of their own before they are sticking their noses into other people's business.

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