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Here is my new reaction video and thoughts about “ONE OK ROCK – Change”

My last video from yesterday was deleted because of copyright.. Maybe this video will be deleted too. If that happens, I don’t know if I can continue to make reaction videos.. If you can watch this I hope you have a good time ๐Ÿ™‚
As always it would be nice if you could translate this, Mami-chan~
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20 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK – Change | Reaction Video | Fannix.”

  1. Fannixใ‹ใ‚‰ใฎไพ้ ผใง็ฟป่จณใ—ใพใ™(ใ€ƒฯ‰ใ€ƒ)

  2. I personally don't think that they should change their sound to be popular in America.I think if labels gave more exposure to their japanese music, it'd open up people to something very unique and different compared to what is popular right now. I love the band, but I wouldn't change to achieve my dreams if it meant changing myself for it. Again, I still love them, I just don't see eye to eye with the reasoning.

    Edit: To be fair though, pop has taken over mainstream radio while rock has just been forgotten by the masses for some reason….

  3. Every time I hear this song I smile. Thatโ€™s why I love OOR. They give me a lot of different feelings through their songs… whatever the style they use ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ’™

  4. … personally honestly their recent ones sound bit too 'light' for me but most of CDs in general do that and those great artists (musicians) always greater at live performances anyway. while OOR recent ones sound too light when I just listen to as one chunk of sound but when I pay close attention to the details, they (all of them) are indeed so creative, not only Taka. I just wonder though, as they grow up together & experience almost similar things as they tour & create together for years, they have been merging & blending into one unit as a band more & more as being together all the time, and that the music they create also have become one instead of vocal+guitar+bass+drum, 4 units in one band … just blending in. not sure if I am explaining well what I want to say. … they love each other so much and thus understand & value each other "so well", that their energies weaving together through music/sound they create.

  5. ใƒ”ใ‚ขใƒŽๅ‹•็”ปใ‚‚ใฃใจๅ‡บใ—ใฆๆฌฒใ—ใ„ใงใ™

  6. Another amazing reaction video, Fannix! Just heard this taking a break from studying for finals and the way your smile lit up when the chorus started really made my day!

    You're absolutely right about how it may sound different but OOR is still who they always were. The fact that they can take on so many different styles and still sound amazing just proves how versatile they are.

    Thanks again for a great reaction video and the message at the end ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I get what you're saying Fannix and as a music producer I agree with some of your points about being "genreless" and music is music. However I think it's fine to be critical towards a band's music as long as you are not attacking the band itself. Art is meant to be critiqued and pondered upon and studied. I am only critical of One Ok Rock's new sound for one reason. It is that it is way less unique than their previous works. Everytime someone new was introduced to this band and watched their live performances, they were always blown away by how unique and powerful their music was especially being a japanese band. It seems they are trying to make it big in America, but by doing this – it seems they are trying to sound like every other big american band at the moment. Is it a good song? Yes. But if you are trying to become big by sounding like others, then what is your legacy really? How is it any different than those other bands? And if you introduced Americans to One Ok Rock by showing them this song, do you think they would be blown away, or do you believe they would just think "it sounds good, but I've heard so many songs like this, it doesn't really stand out". It also doesn't let the other band members shine as they could have easily made this song completely through midi with electronic sounds and it would sound exactly the same. It's just one song for a commercial so I won't overreact as a huge OOR fan, but I really hope their whole album does not sound like this, as selfish as that may sound.

  8. So many people have been sending bad remarks to One Ok Rock on comments and their instagrams, saying thing like is this One Ok Pop now? Where did all the amazing rock style go? Though we all have preferences, we should still respect them no matter what, it may not be your style, but its still One Ok Rock, if you were a true fan, you would respect the changes and how they want to vary in their style a bit. Sometimes they use other effects over the drums, base, guitar etc. to enhance the music and create a more powerful effect. This song itself is trying to explain their change. They want you to stay as their fans despite their change, as he says, "If we're not moving forward, what are we movin for?" So please, I understand the preferences to their old style, but we support them all the same despite their change and encourage them to keep going with their new concept. They were inspired by western styled music, and I love that they are still chasing their dream and doing music because its their passion. Share this video with every fan, I really love that fannix is bringing out the message that One Ok Rock wanted to bring out for the fans through this song. โ™ก we will always love and support them as good One Ok Rock fans would do ^-^ this band is my true inspiration, and I admire the fact that despite all the fans they might lose, they are making music because they want to and they love to make music. And they even took the time to produce a song to explain to the fans about their new transitions, but some fans arent getting the message.

  9. Taka said that One Ok Rock is going to have a change, or a new chapter, this cost many fans however, but they are still doing what they love and what they prefer. They are working so hard to work towards their dream. Well said fannix, exactly my words, its still One Ok Rock, I will always support them despite preferences, I actually like this new chapter โ™ก They worked so hard to try to meet their goal, we should respect them for their choices, and let them try variety. Linkin Park did the same thing, they just want to try something new, nevertheless, its still the same band, we should respect them all the same ^-^

  10. Welcome back Fannix. Glad you react to Change.
    I still love one ok rock even though they more to western music. I really like the lyrics and it really catchy actually.

  11. Hi Fannix!
    I am happy that you are back! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I was curious to know what you were going to say. The fact that ONE OK ROCK is changing, is bothering a lot of fans and many are being disrespectful like you said. In my country we are facing two problems with that: many fans just can't accept the change because they have known ONE OK ROCK by Nyche Syndrome Album ( and for them that's ONE OK ROCK) and many of them didn't like Ambitions at all. And second, someone is selling online, presents that South American fans gave to the band during Ambitions World Tour, including the all signed flag from my country. And neither the band or their label have said something about this, which made everything worse. Creating the feeling that: "They don't care about the fans, they just want to be successful."
    But it's not all fans who think this way. There are some supporting their Change and even enjoying it, and they know that whatever had happened, these sales haven't anything to do with the band. That's why we gathered and did this:
    Since you share the same feeling, I want to show you.
    From fan to fan.
    Thanks for this video and everything!

  12. For those who hate this song, guess what. Ambition Japan Dome concert. Change will be played on encore. Prepare to be lss to this

  13. So sorry about your last video Fannix. But don't give up and keep fighting because i like your reaction and piano cover from you. And i hope they not block this video so we can enjoy this anytime.

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