2 CHASE FUNKO POP FINDS! | Funko Pop Hunt Ep. 13

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TODAY: WE FOUND CHASES. At the begining of this video I said I wasn’t coming home without a chase. Thankfully I was able to come home today because I found 2 chase Funko Pops! Really cool chases and am super happy I was able to pick them up!


20 thoughts on “2 CHASE FUNKO POP FINDS! | Funko Pop Hunt Ep. 13”

  1. If the box is not laminated on the back you can use acetone from the back to the plastic the rub some around the plastic in front , then when you finish fixing it . Get a hair dryer and put back the plastic cover and dry it up , the glue will reset and works like you never opened it

  2. I love your videos bro I just started to collect pops I have around 4 and I just wanted to say you inspired me to collect, keep up the good work

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