EPIC POP | ”Free To Believe” by Natasha Blume

Natasha Blume
Name: Free To Believe
Album: Natasha Blume – EP
Written by Joachim Rygg/Natasha Paghunie
Performed by Natasha Blume
Courtesy of Choicetracks/Position Music

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Image: https://www.deviantart.com/wlop/art/Invitation-763192223


All My Life I’Ve Been Looking For Something

Something So Good That I Cannot Deny It


Theres Nothing There

Washing It Down Till Youre Down On The Ground

Youre Washing It Down Till Youre Down For The Count

Youre So Youre So Different Now Youre So Different Now

Run Go Run Till Youre Feeling Safe

Go Run Go Run To The Safer Place

Be In Ecstasy

Find That Place And Define The Lines

Find That Sun Filled Piece Of Mind

Skies And Youre Feeling High And Youre Feeling Right

And Youre Feeling Right 2X

And When Youre Free Free To Believe What Is Real

And When Youre Free Free To Relive What You Feel

Chasing Away Demons Every Day

Youre Chasing Away In A Puzzle Maze

Right Its Not Feeling Right

Searching For Love In Eternity

Trying To Find Something To Believe


Youre Not Satisfied

So Darling Take Me Back 3X

And When Youre Free Free To Believe What Is Real

And When Youre Free Free To Relive What You Feel
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20 thoughts on “EPIC POP | ”Free To Believe” by Natasha Blume”

  1. Finally! Something good to listen to! I like how fast she sing it! I'm not used to those slow paced songs that recently being uploaded here… I'm glad something change today.

  2. I love the electro back, like i dont no but i very like the song, pretty good, very nice with the music and the voice

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