Adele – Hello (Cover by Taka from ONE OK ROCK)

Recording/Mix :Naoki Itai @ MUSIC FOR MUSIC
Piano: Yasunori Mochizuki
Film Production: Takahiro Tsuboi
Direction: Jamil Kazmi
Editing: Haruta Taguchi

ONE OK ROCK Official Website
Video Rating: / 5

20 thoughts on “Adele – Hello (Cover by Taka from ONE OK ROCK)”

  1. Never was hearing this Song before – i never hear Radio sice the Year 2000 because the Music who got Produced today is pissing me off, but i like and listen "Ok Rock " one of the best Bands comming up in the last 20 Years on the Planet and i realy like this song. But i have no intresst on other Versions :)…Hope Ok Rock will release it on a Album and if not i change this video to an Mp3 🙂

  2. between us の所がどうしても between nervousに聞こえちゃうけどもうとにかくwonderfulで美声だから満足ですわぁ。大好き

  3. I loved how he sung this song to his own perspective and yes! Hid a japanese, as you heard the clarity of his voice and the accent is so fucking unique… I loved it!

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