Gorillaz – Rock The House (Official Video)

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Music video by Gorillaz performing Rock The House. (C) 2010 Parolophone Records
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20 thoughts on “Gorillaz – Rock The House (Official Video)”

  1. Murdoc throws flute at 2D

    Murdoc: play this.
    2D: I don't know how
    2D: ok
    The whole band: what was that:
    2D: I said I don't know how to play the flute
    Me: well you still played the flute better than I ever did in band

  2. The bass in this song feels good, however, Murdoc is getting -15 points for his outfit, and what he does with his… thrusting area

  3. Murdoc: throws flute at 2D play this
    2D: I-I dont know ho-
    Murdoc: JUST PLAY IT
    2D: plays it but has no clue what he is doing

  4. I should totally go on instagram or something like that, search up random ass people and send them this video and say nothing if they question it

  5. when your dead friend who possesses you enters the third dimension and takes over your band's music video

  6. Everyone in the comments brings up how Murdoc thrust are weird, while me over here loving that he "stood up for 2D after seeing him get hurt

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