BoB – Both of Us ft. Taylor Swift [Official Video]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “BoB – Both of Us ft. Taylor Swift [Official Video]”

  1. My buddy and I do acoustic/ rap covers of popular songs. He plays guitar/ sings and I rap. Check it out if you got a few!

  2. tbh, i’m only watching this to see Taylor Swift’s part in the music video & hear that beautiful voice… I don’t care for anyone else in this video!

  3. i personally think the rapping is the best part.. but that’s just because im more of a fan of that kind of music.. and its b.o.b FEATURING taylor swift which is why it isn’t just taylor

  4. I know prob no one will read this but I’m trying my best.
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  5. I am a talented 18 year old lyrically gifted musician who wants to get recognized by bringing real hip hop back by using elements of all genres of music… what’s on my page is just a simple preview of all of my songs… can you please listen to me and tell me what you think youtube?

  6. Uncivilized street trash have no business hanging with humans. You people who like this video should look up the 3-minute youtube video “white genocide” and you’ll see the bigger picture of what’s going on.

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