Esperanza Spalding – Black Gold (OFFICIAL)

Esperanza’s Radio Music Society on iTunes: Esperanza’s Radio Music Society on Amazon: Please use the SHARE button above to pass this song around – Thanks! From the beginning of her life to her current success as a creative musician, Esperanza Spalding has charted her own course. The young bassist/vocalist/composer was one of the biggest breakout stars of 2011—not just in jazz, but in all genres of music. Her receipt of the 2011 GRAMMY® for Best New Artist was unprecedented—the first time a jazz musician had won the award— but Spalding continues to make the unprecedented the norm. Born in Portland, Oregon, Spalding grew up in a single-parent home and learned early lessons in the meaning of perseverance and moral character from the role model whom she holds in the highest regard to this day — her mother. But even with a rock-solid role model, school did not come easy to Spalding, although not for any lack of intellectual acumen. She was both blessed and cursed with a highly intuitive learning style that often put her at odds with the traditional education system. On top of that, she was shut in by a lengthy illness as a child, and as a result, was home-schooled for a significant portion of her elementary school years. However, the one pursuit that made sense to Spalding from a very early age was music. At age four, after watching classical cellist Yo Yo Ma perform on an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the roadmap was suddenly very clear. “That was
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25 thoughts on “Esperanza Spalding – Black Gold (OFFICIAL)”

  1. This is a beautiful song. Black people are so often put down, and this makes me proud to be a black woman. Go Esperanza!

  2. never seen a video with such long comments! Wow. Lol. Clearly this song evoked some insecurities in some people! Lol.

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  9. Before you comment like that, try to learn how to play (good) music. Then you will understand how talented she is.

  10. She is mixed race. Her father is African-American and her mother is of Welsh, Native American, and Hispanic descent. She is able to speak and sing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  11. why is it that almost every video with natural black folks in it has to have some kind of racist discussion in the comments? its 2012. GET OVER IT. its a gorgeous song. leave it at that.

  12. The issue is not the race itself, but the perception human minds got of it. Let’s just enjoy a great song!

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  17. This is a white hispanic speaking…beautiful lyrics! Some day the world will not look at race anymore, and all the harm the white man has caused will be forgiven (hopefully never forgotten). Until that day comes, all I can say is that we are not all racist, and many of us believe in a change and actually fight for it. In the meantime, songs like this one will continue to inspire all the people that believe that a different world is possible. One love!

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