23 thoughts on “3OH!3 – STARSTRUKK (Feat. Katy Perry) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]”

  1. Me Gusta Musho este tema ^^ solo porqe sale Katy 😉 30h!3 solo me gusta este tema de ellos xD lol

  2. Hello, im 16 and i write lyrics, i cannot sing. so im looking for a trustworthy person who can sing to sing my lyrics. i only have lyrics because i cant write music. if you can sing or make music to go with my lyrics and think you would like to help me out, you can message me, or email me at thegirlwhocriedghost@hotmail.c­­­­­­­­­­o.uk please no time wasters, and if you have proof that you can sing please message or email it, thanks very much, sorry for the spam message. :)

  3. look at the size of katy perry’s arms when she’s wearing her swimsuit, that shit aint natural メD

  4. When comming from the FUTURE and going to the PAST from a spaceship to TIME TRAVEL,I came from the PAST to the FUTURE and stopping here for fuel when I am from the past,all the GIRLS in this video are my DAUGHTERS WHEN i AM katy perry AT 12 YEARS OLD BOY! Now listen to how many times 3oh3 points me out to be WAYNE!

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