1. Yall some dorks. It’s not acting, Jasmine was on Ustream or Twitcam or whatever it’s called && then That’s when everything happend. And she was on MTV last night and you can she all her bruises. And then you guys gonna come and say it’s Acting? LMFAO! It’s not acting when someone’s body is full of bruises.
    Enough Said.

  2. i think this is fake because in the real video the dude close the door first time he step in but now in trailer he didnt close the door then he was put jasmine hair he never stop pulling her hair

  3. This is the trailer why does it have more views then they actually video? Does everything like seeming her get beat? It’s fake dumbasses haven’t you ever heard of acting! Yes, the guy looks kind of Like Jinsu but doesn’t sound like him at all!

  4. Why Is This Caught In Video In the First Place? Was Jasmine Doing A Video And Jinsu Didnt realize? Haha Jinsu U GOT CAUGHT BITCH LOL!

  5. Im Not Really a Big Fan Of Jasmine Villegas I usually Do Not Care About Her But After Watching this I Kind Of Feel bad For Her No Man Should Ever Put His hands On A Woman smh i truly Respect her Now 🙂 i have Been A Few of Her Vids And I Got To Say Shes Really Nice 🙂 Not A Big Fan of Music But A Big Fan Of her Personality And Beauty 🙂

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