25 thoughts on “Gladio – Music موسيقى شخصية آرون فيلر”

  1. wtf are you talking about,a turk without an arab,haha are you kidding?assalamunaleyküm my arabic brothers,dont care him,here in turkey some ignorants are still believing lies of israel and england. dont care them.we turks like you much than yourselves.

  2. الموسيقى روعة بس شخصية فيلر مقرفة الافضل منها يا ظاظا او مراد علم دار

  3. fuck monkey arabs!
    maymun araplarin anasini sikeyim!

    Long live Turkic Nations! Go Turan! Fuck arab islam united!

    TURAN Turk united!

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