24 thoughts on “Istanbul Music Box – Mayıs Türkçe Pop Set ( IMB © 2012 )”

  1. geldigin delige geri dön biraz yukari cik, saga bak, bulamazsan yukaridan göt deliginden cikabilirsin geri xD

  2. i dont care about ur ROMA flag…… i cant wait for the ww3 to start!!!! u know i have right……RUSSIA will fuck your gypsy country soon…………..the only thing that u can now do is….pray to the gay alah for ur soul……..ur end is approaching mongol. ΤΑΝ Η ΕΠΙΤΑΣ.

  3. I did not ask to you history. History is past ! Turkish Red flag covered Istanbul right now.
    And please stop using Google Translate.[ And we can see Mongolism]

    I won’t write about Cyprus because we got there too. aha

  4. are u mendally retarted?????? have u ever read the history of GREECE???????? the constantinople is GREEK its GREEK name mongol…….turn on ur fucking head and read history iliterate. ΕΣΣΕΤΑΙ ΗΜΑΡ.

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