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25 thoughts on “IJEVIN FOR KING! (Ep. 10)”

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  3. I found this seed…

    it has 5 diamonds 3 apples and 1 iron boot the seed is


    X: -220

    Y: 12

    Z: 532

    Its in a desert biome (the items are inside the blacksmith) thumbs up so chimney can see 🙂 im 10 … i know its irrelvent.

  4. Hey Jevin!
    Do the seed: 474715
    You spawn on an extreme hills biome island(awesome), to get to the stronghols just go to the other near extreme hills island and keep going through there and you will eventually hit a desert biome with a desert temple! The stronghold is at about x 5 and z 750 in the desert biome. And then there are 2 spawners inside the stronghold (skeleton and spider) less than 20 blocks away from each other! I hope you use this;)

  5. JEVIN,
    1.3.2 Seed: -2122045481 SUPERFLAT ONLY
    X: 21.50424
    Z: 1107.81708
    2 chestrooms
    look inside the chests!

  6. I completely agree thats not really feedback because it doesnt really help, but making a big fuss bout it over the video or in the comment section wnt really help either its better to kill em with kindness

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