MW3 Multiplayer Gameplay – MW3 Seatown “YouTube Money” Nah Man..

MW3 Multiplayer Gameplay Music by Farhan! — See Background Designer I’ve just been in some deep thoughts lately analyzing myself, my channel, and what I’m doing. I don’t want to turn into what I’ve seen other people become. It’s really not my style to not do something if I’m not enjoying it. YES, I do enjoy making videos for fun! YES, I do interacting with you people!! If I didn’t enjoy it, would I respond to anyone? I just want to keep doing what I am doing. My Channel: Twitter: new “modern warfare 3” online gameplay call of duty “mw3 online gameplay” today

25 thoughts on “MW3 Multiplayer Gameplay – MW3 Seatown “YouTube Money” Nah Man..”

  1. I like you as a commentator ! but not as a CoD player !! but i also want u to make more money so u have passed the test so u get a sub ! x)

  2. why ppl are still using p90 game came out for some months and ppl still dont understand that a spray gun is noooooobbbbb

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  4. As commentator that you are. What would you say about my channel? What am I doing wrong and what should I change? It would mean allot if you could add vice me on. Thanks! And great vid!

  5. you are not annoying like the other 95% of video commentators for call of duty… like whiteboy.. or most black guys.. subscribed

    still want to know why no call of duty has had matchups for people with same kdr

  6. Your missing the big picture.

    Ps3, has free Online gaming, and better graphics.

    Xbox, has Better games, and get some content earlier.

    I have a Ps3, but if I got the chance to move ALL my data from one console to the other, I would go onto Xbox. Xbox has more professional/famous players and the Content release date being earlier is big to me.

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