Nature Sound 16 – THE MOST RELAXING SOUNDS – over an hour nature sound. This is relaxing nature sound. This is relax sound you can absolutely relax from this…
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25 thoughts on “Nature Sound 16 – THE MOST RELAXING SOUNDS –”

  1. my husband snores so loudly I can’t sleep, listening to this vid almost drowns him out and allows me to fall asleep thank you so much !

  2. 音+心=意 (yi) music on top heart or mind below, thought frequency, means intention.
    今+心=念 (nian) moment or today on top mind below, the thought arising from this moment, means thought.
    艹+樂=藥(yao) grass on top music below, means herbs, 樂(le) means music and bliss, heavenly harmonious music is the best medicine.
    艹+古=苦 (ku) suffuring and bitterness, grass on top ancient below literally, photographically 2 eyebrows are squeezed together and eye and nose in the middle with a wide open mouth.

  3. 知+日=智(zhi) knowledge on top sun below, means radiant conscious intelligence.
    丰+丰+手+心=慧 (hui) 2 harvests on top hand in middle mind below, means the harvest of deeper wisdom and ability for being aware of the unconscious or self-nature.
    今+貝=貪 (tan) today or current moment on top treasure chest standing below, means greed.
    奴+心=怒 (nu) slave on top mind below, means anger.
    知+疒=痴 (chi) knowledge inside a sickbed, so knowledge lying on sickbed is ignorance and insanity.

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  7. Just finish having a massive argument with my husband, after throwing staffs at him and ripping clothes !! Aaarrrrg!!! Now listening to this! Just makes me relax !! Tears! Thanks for the video!

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  9. Thanks for posting these. It’s big help for my tinnitus while at work. HUGE HELP actually ..very grateful. – J

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