Ghana Gospel Mix 5 – Worship Mix 1 Skype: erne-gee +1 480 241 8889 Songs Not Owned Or Produced By Ernest G.A Songs Credit To: Various Artist Ghana Gospel Mix 5 – Worship Mix 1…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Ghana Gospel Mix 5 – Worship Mix 1”

  1. Really appreciate you writing up the Twi alongside the English…this really helps me when I am trying to learn the Twi. Medaase paa.

  2. i couldnt understand what was being said but the presence of God was is the same no matter what language cus its a language of love ! i love it its soothing to the soul! 1 <3

  3. The first music is so powerful and filled with the holy spirit.I feel like praying for the whole day listening to that music!

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