Blake Shelton – Boys ‘Round Here feat. Pistol Annies & Friends (Official Music Video)

Get Blake Shelton’s new album Based On A True Story… on iTunes – Behind-the-scenes of “Boys ‘Roun…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Blake Shelton – Boys ‘Round Here feat. Pistol Annies & Friends (Official Music Video)”

  1. The point is that he’s proud of his southern heritage, and not some ignorant, backwoods, racist redneck like yourself… Go listen to Johnny Rebel or something.

  2. “Backwoods legit, don’t take no lip…” my guess is there was a different word originally for lip, and he probably should have just gone with it.

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  4. oh sorry thought you were trying to say they dont really act like this and this is just trying to make them act based off of the song

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