25 thoughts on “Kanye West – BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (Explicit)”

  1. People complain about how raps all about “Cars,Money,and Bitches” and want something new and authentic.
    But when someone does makes something Authentic they Hate it..

  2. Who ever saying this illuminati shit, your stupid as hell. Hear the lyrics, Open your eyes & realize the message being broughtout. Yeezus creativity is scaring all you ignorant people thinking this illuminati. Just shut up already

  3. this may be creative,but the quality is poor. same goes for the album and this comes from the real kanye west fan.

  4. Everyone hating doesn’t know shit.
    This is the BEST video put out this year idgaf.
    What other artist you know would bring out something this authentic? Shutup then.

  5. If you guys want to see scary music videos watch some Marilyn Manson. All of you are acting like pussies. Damn.

  6. I agree with the Caribbean brothers, but here in the US Black Power isn’t established properly. Our seeds ate gonna be a permanent labor class if Blacks can’t get it together in the USA. Most are still trying to prove to whites that they are worthy, instead of proving it to themselves. Thanks King.

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