King Kong vs Godzilla. Épicas Batallas de Rap del Frikismo | Keyblade

Inspirado en Epic Rap Battles of History, de NicePeter y EpicLloyd.

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King Battle Newbie Chung Kết Rap || Khi Tao Rap Trên Mặt Mày Có Một Con De Chó || NighT vs Pikey

#newbie #nighT #PIkey

Cùng xem trận trung kết kịch tính giữa raper NighT vs Pikey. Bắn rap quá nhanh quá thấm.

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Sensay Dominca Presents

King of Kings of Calypso 1985 Volume One on DVD.

The Mighty Terror – 2 Selections – Political Jam Session/Pan Talent
The Mighty Duke – 1 Selection – Black is Beautiful
Scrunter – 2 Selections – Trust No One/Take De Number
King Swallow – 2 Selections – Trinidad the Caribbean Godfather/Mr. Benwood
The Shadow – 2 Selections – Unwanted Child/King From Hell
Black Stalin – 2 Selections – Sing for the Land/Martin Luther King Jr.
Blue Boy – 2 Selections – Soca Baptist/Help
The Mighty Sparrow – 2 Selections – Soca Pressure/The Slave
ChalkDust – 1 Selection – We is We Identity
Lord Blakie – 2 Selections – Current Gone/Steel Band Clash

MC Tommy Joseph

Music Accompaiment: Roy Cape Orchestra Live Concert 1985

Best Of Mighty Sparrow [Calypso King of the World] Calypso Classic mix by djeasy

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This is a grand mix of some of the best hits of the mighty sparrow

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Slinger Francisco ORTT CMT OBE (born July 9, 1935), better known as Mighty Sparrow, is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Trinidadian citizenship. Known as the “Calypso King of the World”, he is one of the best-known and most successful calypsonians. He has won Trinidad’s Carnival Road March competition eight times, Calypso King/Monarch eight times, and has twice won the Calypso King of Kings title

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Mighty Sparrow Intro 0:01
Mighty Sparrow – Doh Back Back 1:11
Mighty Sparrow – Whole Night We Jamming 4:17
The Mighty Sparrow – Margarita 6:30
Mighty Sparrow – Jam Back 8:45
The Mighty Sparrow – Ten To One 10:57
Mighty Sparrow – How You Jamming So 12:59
Mighty Sparrow – Zinah 15:22
Mighty Sparrow – Doh Drop The Tempo 16:44
Mighty Sparrow – Marajhin 18:42
Mighty Sparrow – Miss Mary 21:36
Mighty Sparrow – Jane 23:18
The Mighty Sparrow – Sparrow Dead 24:53
The Mighty Sparrow – Dead Or Alive 27:04
Mighty Sparrow – Witch Doctor 29:02
Mighty Sparrow – Drunk And Disorderly 31:32
Mighty Sparrow – Who She Go Cry For 33:17
Mighty Sparrow – Ah Fraid Pussy Bite Me 35:18
The Mighty Sparrow – Sixty Million French Men 38:36
The Mighty Sparrow – Love African Style 40:59
Mighty Sparrow – Sa Sa Yea 43:38
The Mighty Sparrow – Tobago Girls 45:09
Mighty Sparrow – Big Bamboo 48:02
Mighty Sparrow – Shango Man 50:32
Mighty Sparrow – Age Is Just A Number 52:38
Mighty Sparrow – Sparrow Water De Garden 55:06
The Mighty Sparrow – Sell The Pussy 58:06
The Mighty Sparrow – Mr. Walker 1:00:19
The Mighty Sparrow – Village Ram 1:03:04
Mighty Sparrow – The Lizard 1:05:38
The Mighty Sparrow – Obeah Wedding 1:07:36
Mighty Sparrow – Jook For Jook 1:10:24
The Mighty Sparrow – Lying Excuses 1:11:59
The Mighty Sparrow – Bendwood Dick 1:16:34
Mighty Sparrow – This is Madness 1:18:42
The Mighty Sparrow – Willie Dead 1:21:57
Mighty Sparrow – Sandra 1:25:05
Mighty Sparrow – Lion & Donkey (Re-Match) 1:26:48
Mighty Sparrow – Bah Ah’ Sugar 1:29:57
The Mighty Sparrow – Saltfish (Solfish) 1:32:19
The Mighty Sparrow – Mother In-Law 1:36:27
The Mighty Sparrow – Mother’s Love 1:39:19
The Mighty Sparrow – May May (Mae Mae) 1:41:04
Mighty Sparrow – Try Again 1:45:21
Mighty Sparrow – I’ll be there 1:47:36

I Do Not Own Song/Songs In This Video, They Belong To It’s Respective Owners. Please Support The Artist/Artists By Purchasing Their Album/Songs.


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