🔴 24/7 Hip Hop Radio 🔥 Rap/Hip-Hop Music Live 💔 RIP XXXTENTACION #RIPX

Rap Radio with Hip Hop, R&B, Chill Hip-Hop, Hard Hip-Hop, Fast Hip Hop, Slow Rap, Happy Hip Hop, Sad Rap, Real Hip Hop. You can find it all here, hope you enjoy the Hip Hop / Rap radio.

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🔺 Stream commands 🔺
– !Donate
– !XXX
– !Snapchat
– !Poll
– !Discord
– !Coins (10 minute cooldown)
– !flipcoin (max = 100) (1 min. cooldown)
– !rolldice
– !Key
– !Love
– !Hate
– !Guess (Gives random number between 0-100)
– !Song
– !Request (suggest a song to be added to the radio)
– !CoinHelp
– !Give Name Amount (Give coins to another viewer)

Some background art by AkaiTheDesigner:

❗️ Disclaimer ❗️
Not every single track on this radio is Rap or Hip-Hop, i called it a Hip-Hop / Rap radio because 95% of the tracks are 🙂

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